Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sun One Active Directory in SharePoint

In this post I will focus how to use Sun One Active Directory (AD) in SharePoint.

1) Install Sun one Server 5.2 and add some users:
uid=JSmith, ou=SPUsers, dc=CompanyName,dc=co, dc=in

2) On central admin site,
Go to Application management -> Sharepoint Web Application Management section -> Web application list.
Select the web application which you want to bind to Sun one DS.
Click on Authentication providers under Application Security section in Application Management.

3) Click on the zone for which you want to do configuration. Then make the settings as per the screenshot below, and click on Save.

4) Add the following code to web.config files of the website as well as central admin site.

<membership defaultProvider="LDAP">
<add name="LDAP"
Microsoft.Office.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral,
useSSL="false" userDNAttribute ="entryDN"
userNameAttribute ="uid"
userFilter="(ObjectClass=inetorgperson)" scope="Subtree"

5) Add a user with Full Control on the Web application to enable initial logon to the site collections and to perform administrative tasks. To add a user, click Add Users on the Policy for Web Application page, and select a zone.

Click Next.

6) Enter a valid user in Users text box like provider name: username as shown below:

Verify name using Check names and then choose permissions.

Click on Finish.

7) Now you can login into the site using the above added username.

8) Permissions can be given to other users by using People and Groups link. User name has to be entered in the form of providerName:username.

Sun One AD 1

Sun One AD 2

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